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Principles of Applied Artificial Intelligence

Our Vision


PrincipAI’s team of researchers undertake R&D for novel artificial intelligence algorithms that are applicable to financial trading, demand prediction, price forecasting and dynamic pricing including natural language processing in both English and Turkish languages. Besides, PrincipAI develops solutions not limited to some specific AI tasks, but also performs research on the development of next generation AI based solutions that learn how to learn.

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Our Services

  • PaiTune: Enhance Your AI with Our Fine-Tuning Solution.
    PaiTune is our LLM Fine-Tuning solution.
      Key Features:
      • Domain-Specific Adaptation
      • State-of-the-Art Performance
      • Efficient Training
      • Improved Accuracy
      • Cost Savings
      • Scalability
  • PaiRAG: Revolutionize Your AI with Our Retrieval-Augmented Generation Solution
    PaiRAG is our Retrieval-Augmented Generation Solution.
      Key Features:
      • Enhanced Context Understanding
      • Accurate Information Retrieval
      • Response Generation from Local Information Sources
      • Seamless Integration
      • Improved Response Quality
      • Query Processing
      • Response Generation
  • CoinTenet
    CoinTenet is our financial news aggregator and portfolio tracking platform that utilizes the state-of-the-art AI models.
    • Related News: News that are recommended by Cointenet's news recommender system
    • Categorized News: Read important news summarized and categorized by Cointenet's AI-based NLP system
    • Follow coin prices in Turkish Lira and other cryptocurrency units
  • ReCePAI
    ReCePAI is our recommendation engine, that is developed specifically for e-commerce web and mobile applications, helps companies to improve customer engagement and increase customer satisfaction via state-of-the-art AI techniques.
  • NB-FT
    NB-FT is our financial forecasting and trading platform that incorporates the state-of-the-art AI models.
    • PrincipAI’s novel product, NB-FT, which was initially funded by TÜBİTAK, is a one of its kind automated financial price and movement prediction platform. We have been gathering and analyzing large amounts of numerical and textual data both in English and Turkish languages to generate trading signals. NB-FT combines state of the art machine learning well-engineered models to make sequential financial trading decisions and take actions accordingly without human intervention so to maximize the long-term financial gain.
  • PrincipAI develops language understanding models to perform emotion and sentiment analysis of natural language data used for various purposes.
  • As PrincipAI, we build and deploy well engineered AI models that are customized to our customers’ needs. This way, we help them to improve their business processes and reduce costs through an end-to-end integration together with the power of cloud computing at the back office.
  • PrincipAI provides consultancy on data science related projects such as churn analysis, customer segmentation, new product valuation, building recommendation systems.
  • PrincipAI augments the machine learning approaches with social network analytics to exploit information obtained from network structure.

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